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24. Mai 2012

Business insolvencies starting to rise again in 2012

After a drop of 4% in 2011, Euler Hermes expects the Global Insolvencies Index to rise by 3% in 2012 The economic downturn has ended the two-year (…) > Download

2. Mai 2012

World growth: resilient in 2012 before rebounding in 2013 in a context of uncertainty

World growth restrained at 2.6% in 2012 before rebounding to 3.1% in 2013. Negative growth in the euro zone in 2012, resilient growth in the rest of (…) > Download

16. April 2012

A case study: the global general aviation market

by Bruno Goutard, Analyst sector trends This sector gives a hint about what the world would be …without China (or nearly). Indeed, in 2011, (…) > Download

29. März 2012

The global pharmaceutical industry is in better health than its companies

In contrast with the global pharmaceutical market, which should grow at a compound annual rate of approximately 4% until 2015, the big pharma groups (…) > Download

15. März 2012

Aeronautics industry: the last western stronghold but for how long?

A comparison of the geographical spread of aeronautic and shipbuilding production reveals one major difference: while Asia accounts for 2/3 of ship (…) > Download

14. März 2012

The sectors that can be counted upon in 2012

At the global level, food, pharmaceuticals, automobile manufacturers and chemicals are holding firm despite the economic slowdown. In Europe, some (…) > Download

31. Januar 2012

Aircraft industry takes off while air transport remains grounded

2011 was a record year for aircraft manufacturers, as much in terms of units produced as in terms of orders, which doubled relative to 2010. > Download

20. Januar 2012

Research editorial: Yet another victim of the crisis in Europe: the carbon market

By Bruno Goutard, Analyst Sector Trends While the deal struck during the Durban Summit brought a breath of optimism, it seems more and more (…) > Download