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On this page you will see a list of the solicited rating analyses which we have performed.

Solicited Ratings

Due Date Rating Outlook Status
EDEKA Minden-Hannover Stiftung & Co. KG 19.07.2016 A- stable ongoing
Elia System Operator S.A./N.V. 12.07.2016 A- stable ongoing
EOS Holding GmbH (Stand-Alone-Rating) 29.06.2016 A stable ongoing
Erftverband Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts 30.09.2016 A+ stable ongoing
ETL AG StBG 14.10.2016 BBB stable ongoing
Freund & Partner GmbH StBG 14.10.2016 BBB- stable ongoing
GEFA BANK GmbH 11.08.2016 A- stable ongoing
Grammer AG 03.05.2017 BBB negative watch
Helvetia Environnement Groupe SA 07.06.2017 BB- stable ongoing
Herrenknecht AG 24.06.2016 BBB stable ongoing
Hörmann Industries GmbH 11.10.2016 BB stable ongoing
Joh.Friedrich Behrens AG 13.06.2017 B+ evolving watch
K-Bond LXII “Feuerwerk” Schuldscheindarlehen (Issuance Rating) 27.10.2015 BBB
stable ongoing
Österreichischer Rundfunk Stiftung öffentlichen Rechts 16.06.2016 AA- stable ongoing
Offshore-Windpark Projekt Fortuna (Issuance Rating) 11.10.2016 BBB stable ongoing
Rudolf Wöhrl AG 04.10.2016 C negative withdrawn
SAF Holland S.A. 05.04.2017 BBB stable ongoing
Scholz Holding GmbH 08.08.2016 SD ongoing
Schön Klinik SE 30.05.2017 BBB stable ongoing
SeniVita Social Estate AG (Emission) 27.02.2017 BB evolving watch
SeniVita Sozial gGmbH 30.05.2017 B- stable ongoing
Solar Chest S.A. 12.07.2016 BBB+ stable ongoing
Vitens N.V. 29.05.2017 A+ stable ongoing
wpd AG 28.04.2017 A stable ongoing

Many of our clients use our ratings to execute financial transactions via private placements and do not publish the results. Contact us for a list of our reference mandates.


ongoing The rating analysis is subject to ongoing monitoring and always reflects the agency’s ongoing view
preliminary The rating notation is made under assumptions. For details please refer to the rating report.
watch Certain events such as a major takeover or sale of a subsidiary liable to impact the company’s credit worthiness (either positively or negatively) have been announced at short notice. The rating is placed on the watch list pending completion by the rating agency of a review of the rating.
withdrawn The reating is not subject to monitoring and invalid. For details please refer to the rating report.