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wpd AG, which was founded in 1996, is an international developer and operator of wind farms in the onshore and offshore area. In its capacity as planner, project manager and operator, the Group has in the past planned, economically designed and realized projects with a total rated output of approximately 4.4 gigawatts. The home market of wpd Group is Germany. The focus of the international activities concentrates on Europe, with additional activities being undertaken in Taiwan, USA, Canada and Chile. As far as the development of wind farm projects is concerned, wpd Group ranks throughout Europe among the leaders. During the fiscal year in 2017, wpd AG employed 603 employees on the average.

Rating-Historie Notation/Outlook Ratingbericht
02.05.2018 A / stable
28.04.2017 A / stable
27.04.2016 A / stable
16.04.2015 A / stable
08.04.2014 A / stable
05.04.2013 A / stable
29.02.2012 A / stable
19.01.2011 A / stable
21.12.2009 A / stable
18.11.2008 A / stable
20.07.2007 A / stable
24.11.2005 A / stable
29.10.2004 A / stable
29.08.2003 A / stable