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wpd AG (hereafter referred to as „wpd“ or „wpd Group“), which was founded in 1996, is an international developer and operator of onshore and offshore wind farms. Further activities include the photovoltaic field. As a planner, project manager and operator, the Group has, in the past, planned, conceptualized in the economic sense and realized projects with an approximate total nominal output of 4.7 gigawatt. wpd Group’s domestic market is Germany. The main focus of the international activities is in Europe; there are also activities in Taiwan, Canada, USA, Chile, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. wpd Group is one of the leading wind farm project developers in Europe. In the reporting period of 2019, wpd AG generated total sales of € 618.0 million with its 826 employees.

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09.06.2020 A / stable
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16.04.2015 A / stable
08.04.2014 A / stable
05.04.2013 A / stable
29.02.2012 A / stable
19.01.2011 A / stable
21.12.2009 A / stable
18.11.2008 A / stable
20.07.2007 A / stable
24.11.2005 A / stable
29.10.2004 A / stable
29.08.2003 A / stable