Data privacy at Euler Hermes Rating

The following data privacy principles apply to the website

As an Internet user, you have free access to all public website content offered by Euler Hermes Rating GmbH.

Euler Hermes Rating GmbH’s website may contain links to other websites to which our data privacy principles do not apply.

The individual’s right to his or her personal information is derived from general personal rights. These are protected by legislation such as the German Federal Data Privacy Act and the Telemedia Act.

We treat your data confidentially regardless of whether you are a client or investor or are applying for a position. We are committed to treating your personal data confidentially.

You may view all public website content offered by Euler Hermes Rating GmbH anonymously.

If we want to collect, process or utilise any of your personal data when you visit our website, we will notify you accordingly.

You decide which personal data we receive and the purposes for which we may process or use it.

We respect your data privacy and particularly your right to receive information on the data which we have stored on you.

Our Company’s data privacy office is responsible for ensuring compliance with our data privacy principles.

Possibilities for protecting your data; data privacy rights

We leave it entirely up to you to decide which information you wish to entrust us with during your visit to our website.

Anonymity: You may view all public website content offered by Euler Hermes Rating GmbH anonymously. We collect statistical data which cannot be traced back to you in order to improve the quality of our website.

Voluntary consent: No personal data arising from your visit to our website is automatically collected, processed or utilised without your express consent. If you request a personal offer, you enter your personal data voluntarily.

We do not use session cookies or cookies retaining their validity beyond the individual session.

Your data privacy rights

Under the German Federal Data Privacy Act, you are entitled to request information free of charge on what personal data we have stored and how we are using it; under certain circumstances you are also entitled to request that this data be corrected, blocked or deleted.

Under the Telemedia Act, you may also revoke any consent which you have given for Internet utilisation data to be collected, processed and utilised at any time without any obligation to state the reasons and examine any Internet utilisation data which we have collected from you at any time.

Measures for protecting your personal data

Technical and organisational precautions are taken to protect your personal data. We endeavour to keep our security precautions updated in the light of the latest technological developments.

Treatment of e-mail messages

We use the e-mail address with which you supply us to provide you with the requested information.

When you send us an unencrypted e-mail message via your Internet provider, please note that its content may be exposed to unauthorised interception or manipulation.

Access protection at Euler Hermes Rating GmbH

Euler Hermes Rating GmbH’s data processing network is shielded from the outside world by means of a firewall system meeting the latest technological requirements.

Confidentiality obligations

All our employees are bound by non-disclosure undertakings.

In addition, the data privacy officer is under a particular duty of professional confidentiality.

The data privacy officer is also available to you if you require any further information or have any suggestions or complaints or wish to revoke any consent you have previously given.

Amendments to data privacy principles

If Euler Hermes Rating GmbH introduces new products or services or in the event of any further development in data privacy and IT security technology, this may impact the data privacy principles. Accordingly, we reserve the right to modify these principles if necessary.

Who to contact if you have any questions concerning data privacy

If you have any questions concerning the collection, processing or utilisation of your personal data by Euler Hermes Rating GmbH, please contact:

Mrs. Anne Lehmann
Phone: +49 40 8834-6421

Terms and conditions of use of Euler Hermes Rating GmbH’s website

The user of the website accepts the following terms and conditions of use.

The information provided on this website is the property of Euler Hermes Rating GmbH and, as such, its content and design are copyright. It may only be distributed or reproduced in any other form provided that clear reference is made to Euler Hermes Rating GmbH. Under no circumstances may this information be used for commercial purposes, e.g. for sale or for storage with the intention of a subsequent sale. This also applies to individual parts of the information of any kind.

The brands and logos used on the Euler Hermes Rating GmbH website are copyright. They may not be used except with Euler Hermes Rating GmbH’s prior written approval.

All information published on this website is based on data and information which may or may not be available publicly but which has been disclosed directly by the entities rated or their authorised representatives. Moreover, this website may include information from other sources which Euler Hermes Rating GmbH believes to be reliable. Despite careful research and examination, Euler Hermes Rating GmbH may not be held liable for any errors, omissions or obsolescence in the data disclosed on this website.

Euler Hermes Rating GmbH does not assume any liability or responsibility towards private individuals, companies, institutions, issuers or other third parties for loss or damage caused either partially or in full by errors, coincidences or other circumstances within or beyond the control of Euler Hermes Rating GmbH and its employees resulting from the acceptance of orders or the collection, analysis, interpretation, processing, transmission, dispatch, communication, publication or service of information. This also applies to direct, indirect or any other type of loss or damage of any kind.

Each user of this website recognises and acknowledges that the information provided here merely reflects Euler Hermes Rating GmbH’s opinion concerning the creditworthiness of a company or security and does not constitute individual recommendations targeted at investors or other third parties to buy, sell or hold a security. The rating does not apply to risks other than the credit risk unless express and explicit reference is made to such other risks. Euler Hermes Rating GmbH does not engage in buying or selling securities. The published rating report is not a selling prospectus or a substitute for information furnished by companies or issuers for investors intending to buy securities. Euler Hermes Rating GmbH does not issue any investment advice. The ratings are not recommendations to buy, sell or hold securities of any kind. Ratings do not provide any indication of the appropriateness of market prices, the suitability of securities for a certain investor or the tax exemption or liability of payments arising any securities.

Euler Hermes Rating GmbH reserves the right to alter, suspend or cancel ratings at any time at its sole discretion.

In consideration of its rating services, Euler Hermes Rating GmbH receives a fee which is normally paid by the rated entity or issuer or by the insurer or guarantor. The amount of the fee is based on the complexity of the rating process. Further details concerning fees can be found in the document entitled “Fee structures at Euler Hermes Rating GmbH”.

These terms and conditions are subject to German law. Any disputes shall be referred to the competent courts of the city of Hamburg.

Users of Euler Hermes Rating GmbH’s website may be able to reach third-party websites via links; conversely, they may reach the company’s website via links on third-party websites. Under no circumstances can Euler Hermes Rating be held liable for the content of third-party websites and their operators. Third-party websites may only include links to this website with Euler Hermes Rating GmbH’s prior written approval.

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