Euler Hermes Rating GmbH » WHY EULER HERMES RATING?


We have vast business intelligence for rating German companies. Our methodology is based on more than 100 years’ experience in evaluating corporate risks. Our business intelligence network is unique.


  • We pursue an analyst-based approach. Our excellent track record is no co-incidence. We subject each company to an individual SWOT analysis, which we use as a basis for assessing the future viability of its business model. Our analysts are highly qualified “risk analysts”. In assessing individual business risks, we therefore focus less on standardisation by means of rigid score cards and more on the analytics skills of our experts.
  • We enjoy a high level of trust. In addition to our investor network, Euler Hermes also relies on our external ratings. Companies can ask Euler Hermes Germany to apply our rating results, something which offers additional benefits for them.
  • We are able to rely on one of the largest business intelligence networks. The Euler Hermes business intelligence network gives us a lead in terms of knowledge, which broadens the basis on which we make decisions concerning future trends in the classification of individual business risks.
  • We analyse “through the cycle”. As far as possible, we assess a company across an entire sector or economic cycle. With this more conservative approach, corporate debt investors are able to track their risk exposure more precisely, something which heightens trust and credibility.
  • We are neutral, independent and objective. Euler Hermes Rating GmbH is an independent subsidiary with an identity of its own. We are linked with two strong brands – Euler Hermes and Allianz – which are synonymous with quality.