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Solar Chest S.A.


Euler Hermes Rating affirms the BBB+ rating of the Fixed Rate Secured Notes with an issue volume of € 275 million. The issue rating is largely based on Elia Group’s SA/ NV and Elia Transmission Belgium‘s SA/ NV („ETB“) guarantees to repurchase green certificates that Solar Chest had previously acquired from ETB as legal successor of Elia System Operator SA/ NV, Elia Group’s issuer rating and the legal and regulatory framework.

Rating-Historie Notation/Outlook Ratingbericht
14.05.2020 BBB+ / stabil
22.05.2019 BBB+ / stabil
03.07.2018 BBB+ / stabil
11.07.2017 BBB+ / stabil
12.07.2016 BBB+ / stabil
17.07.2015 BBB+ / stabil